BoneFlex™ Remodeling


 As facial bones decrease with age: dissolving, shrinking, and leaving empty spaces,
the skin can no longer tighten around the skeleton… causing sag.



BoneFlex™ Remodeling By FlexEffect

There is a normal rate of decline in bone density in both men and women as they age and this is why we need bone remodeling. Bone mass increases in childhood and reaches maximum density by early adulthood; after that, it will gradually decline for the rest of your life!

Studies have shown that women had a significant decrease in facial bone volume at a younger age than men so they showed signs of aging sooner. A woman can lose up to 20% of her total facial bone mass 3 to 6 years after menopause.  

Studies have also shown there is no age limit on bone remodeling (building of bone).  Men and women in their forties, fifties, sixties, and all the way through their nineties can and do build bone if they perform BoneFlex™ Remodeling


Deborah Crowley demonstrates BoneFlex Remodeling


FlexEffect’s training techniques for BoneFlex Remodeling are  Jolting® and Pressure Reps®

“…If only a fraction of your facial sag is due to facial bone-atrophy, neglecting this very important part of Facialbuilding (BoneFlex Remodeling™) is literally rendering your training useless.”

Diagrams:    Areas of eventual facial bone loss.


jawbones2 EyeboneBW


Facial Bone Loss and How it Affects The Face:

As facial bones decrease with age: dissolving, shrinking, and leaving empty spaces, the skin can no longer tighten around the skeleton, causing sag. Looking at the diagram above one can easily see how hollow eyes begin to form. When the T-zone area of the face begins to shrink (the area between the eyebrows) the result causes sagging eyebrows and the appearance of deflated eyelids.  As the flat bone (maxillary angle) that supports the cheeks begins to shrink, the fat pad slides down and forward, causing nasolabial folds and jowls.  It doesn’t take much of an imagination to figure out what the jawline will look like once the mandible (jaw) begins to shrink.

Below, a portion of the  press release on BoneFlex Remodeling:

EUREKA, CA, August 22, 2011, / 24-7 Press Release

Bone Atrophy Significantly Contributes to Facial Aging – Facial Exercise Expert Deborah Crowley’s Findings Now Backed by Scientific Research

Even with the success of her original and 2nd edition program, she was not content to end it there. When Deborah reached the age of 60, most new acquaintances still guessed her to be in her 40s, but Deb was noticing some subtle facial changes she was not happy with. An extensive investigation led her to believe bone atrophy was the cause. She then developed Jolting and Pressure Reps for the remodeling of facial bone (increasing bone density), and Cross Stretching to promote collagen and increase elasticity. The 2010 3rd edition of FlexEffect Facialbuilding includes these two completely new and innovative anti-aging techniques.

Right after the release of Deb’s 3rd edition, research, including a study carried out at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, correlates with Deb’s finding. These recent studies have shown beyond doubt that bone atrophy contributes significantly to facial aging, and that gravity and repetition of facial expressions are not such important factors in the aging process and more importantly, facial exercise just might be a way to slow down the bone loss.

Deborah affirms the researcher’s discoveries do not surprise her in the least. However, she is delighted that the results of the studies might lead to many more people who are concerned about facial aging find the solution to their problem is nothing more complicated than Facialbuilding for 15 minutes a day.

“I am proud to say that Flexeffect is the first facial training program that addresses the need for bone remodeling exercises, and we are the first to offer it,” declares Deb….     See complete press release


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